Equip your company to seize the digital opportunities - switch between private, public & hybrid cloud.

Private Cloud

Full control over your company's IT infrastructure. Keeping data locally often makes it easier to comply with regulations and standards.  

Public Cloud

Leverage the services and infrastructure of third-party providers to increase efficiency, create greater innovation and improve their competitiveness.

Hybrid Cloud

Get the best of both worlds – the flexibility and scalability that public cloud offers, along with the security and control that private cloud provides.

Don't listen to us, listen to our customers

"We would like to have a flexible platform that can seamlessly follow our development. When Stratu presented their Nutanix platform as a solution and at the same time was a local partner that makes a virtue of being close to the customer, the choice was easy”
Frederik Krebs Jensen
Head of Technology at e-Boks
“Stratu has an experienced team with a solid customer focus. They helped us build a more flexible digital foundation that enables us to make the right decisions.”
Dennis H. Krogstrup
CIO Group Online

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