Stratu was founded and is led by some of the IT industry's most experienced and competent people.

Jeppe Klestrup

CEO and co-founder

Jeppe Klestrup is CEO and co-founder of Stratu. He has over 20 years of experience in leading companies and people. He has built several companies from scratch.

In 2003, Jeppe Klestrup founded his first company, Kelstrup partners, which among other things received six gazelle statuettes in a row as proof of the growth journey the company was on. He led the company as CEO until 2016, when the company merged with Venzo Hosting and became Hosters. Jeppe Klestrup thus became co-owner of Hosters as well as Chief Delivery Officer until 2018, when Hosters was sold to Sentia and Jeppe Klestrup simultaneously joined as Account Director. 

As a leader, he describes himself as  listening, clear and strategic thinking. He has an in-depth understanding of technology, which is put into play when, as managing director, he is responsible for leading the company and meeting the long-term objectives.

Peter Nielsen

Chairman of the board & co-founder

Peter M. Nielsen, co-founder of the online backup company Front-safe A/S 2006-2016, which grew 10 years in a row. He sold the company to the US-based J2 Global Cloud conglomerate, which is listed on Nasdaq in New York.

In 2016, he invested in with a focus on Microsoft Azure and private cloud services, which was created via a merger between Venzo Hosting & Klestrup Partners. He acted as a strategic advisor until the company was sold to the capital fund Waterland in the Netherlands and Hosters became part of Sentia Group in 2018. In this connection, Peter M. Nielsen joins as partner and assistant CEO and later CEO of Sentia Denmark.

Since 2019, he has been strategic advisor & Nordic Director for Druva Inc, which in 2019 raised $300M for the expansion of their security software World Wide. In 2021, he co-founded and invested in the Cloud company Stratu.

Since 2002, he has dealt with commercial strategic roles and ownership in the IT and Cloud industry and has a large network for international capital funds and owners in the industry.


Stratu was founded and is led by some of the IT industry's most experienced and competent people.

Jeppe Klestrup is CEO of Stratu. He is both co-founder and co-owner of Stratu, and so he is responsible for leading the company, making the right strategic decisions and ensuring that we achieve our goals.

Jeppe prioritizes family when he takes time off. In addition to family life, he works out, and on occasion he also enjoys a good glass of burgundy in a small wine club he is part of.

Peter Ryberg

Commercial director & partner

Peter Ryberg is commercial director at Strau. He is also a partner in Stratu and is passionate about creating new business as well as developing and supporting our customers' growth journey. He loves the long-term strategic collaboration and appreciates that many customers and employees have been part of the journey for a number of years.

In his spare time, he likes to be active. He plays padel, cycles, works out and he also has a great passion for mechanical watches.

John Bartram

Technology Director

John Bartram is responsible for the technology department in Stratu. The responsibility covers, among other things, our technical platforms, data centers, security and compliance. He is passionate about technology and creating the best possible platform for our customers, which is not only fast, stable and secure – it is also ready for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Privately, John is a family man who loves to take the family on an adventure - preferably with skis on their feet.

Mikael von Scholten

Director of customer experience

Mikael von Scholten is customer experience director at Stratu. He is the focal point for our customers and works hard to create the best possible customer experience.

In his spare time, Mikael likes to go outdoors, and he is, for example, quite fond of jumping out of planes when life as a busy family man allows it.

Martin Egholm Pedersen

Finance manager

Martin Pedersen is Head of Finance at Stratu. With his massive experience, he is responsible for the finances and his work consists of ensuring that we have a secure financial situation and continuously optimizing our business processes.

When he is not at work, he enjoys geeking out on history and playing golf, which according to himself he does with a handicap that is too high.

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